Directorless Deadpool 2 May Start Filming In Two Months


Deadpool 2 is in a rock and a hard place at the moment with the director of the first film, Tim Miller walking from the upcoming sequel a short while ago. There has been some noise about John Wick's David Leitch stepping into the chair, but as of yet, that hasn't been confirmed.

If this listing is to be believed though, Fox and the production might have to get someone in quick. What's Filming (via OmegaUnderground), a site that shows movies filming in Canada, say that the sequel is set to go into production in Janyuary 2017 in Toronto.

This isn't confirmed, and could be based on an old listing, so maybe don't be worried yet. If this is when the film is shooting though, it seems whoever does come onto the movie to take over will be coming in very hot.