Dressage Update: Ahead Of Filming Rampage Movie, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Visits Ranch For Horseplay


Dwayne Johnson will soon begin filming Rampage, a movie about a video game where monsters destroy a city, based on a true story. But before that, the pro-wrestler turned superstar actor is heading to his horse ranch for little bit of downtime.

"Just wrapped #ballers and have one week before I start shooting #Rampage, so I had to scoop my lovely ladies up and got away to my farm to recharge, recalibrate and reset," The Rock posed to Instagram. "We have an excellent program on our farm (created by my bud and equestrian Olympic athlete Will Coleman) that trains thoroughbreds in Eventing (dressage, stadium jumping and cross country)."

The Rock's equine friends are named Jasper and Zipp, and according to The Rock, the horses "are clearly attracted to my alpha musk.. which translates to I haven't showered in 12hrs since I worked out at 4am." Ew.

Johnson also notes that "Every time we come home to Virginia, we always have a whole new gang of some of the best conditioned, beautiful (and bad ass;) horses on the planet."

Uh… so what happened to the previous gang of horses? Glue factory?

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Some may wonder why dressage is the subject of a Bleeding Cool article, but for others, the day is long overdue:

You're welcome, Harper.

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