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Watch: Sammy Guevara Destroy the TNT Title on AEW Rampage
AEW Rampage has a reputation as "The B-Show" of AEW, which carries with it connotations of irrelevance, or worse, of a gluttonous overreach of creativity akin to WCW Thunder But last night's AEW Rampage featured some of the finest character development and promo work in recent memory Take the TNT Championship feud that now includes[...]
AEW Rampage
AEW Rampage is on at a special early start time again tonight, and if The Chadster had his way, he wouldn't even remind you about it Unfortunately, Bleeding Cool TV editor Ray Flook is in cahoots with Tony Khan to RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE and he told The Chadster that if The Chadster doesn't warn[...]
Kazarian Fails to Capture TNT Title from Scorpio Sky on AEW Rampage
Former tag team partners Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky went head-to-head for Sky's TNT Championship on AEW Rampage last night, but thanks to interference from Dan Lambert and Ethan Page, Sky retained the title. Scorpio Sky confronts Ethan Page in the aftermath of Sky's TNT Championship defense against Frankie Kazarian on AEW Rampage The finish of the[...]
Hikaru Shida Replaced by Kris Statlander in Owen Hart Tournament
Hikaru Shida will be replaced by Kris Statlander in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, AEW revealed on last night's episode of Rampage The announcement seemed to come as a surprise to Shida, who later walked back her initial comments. On AEW Rampage last night, Tony Schiavone informed Red Velvet that she will face her old pal,[...]
AEW RAmpage Preview
Friendly reminder to all the AEW fans out there: AEW Rampage airs at a special early start time tonight, 5:30PM on the East Coast and 2:30PM on the West Coast Why? The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are airing on TNT tonight Still, being sandwiched between a showing of Wonder Woman and NHL Playoffs on the[...]
AEW Women's Owen Hart Tournament Brackets Revealed
Riho won her match on AEW Rampage this week, defeating Yuka Sakazaki to nab the one remaining named slot in the Women's Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Riho now joins seven other women in the tournament, with the first-round matches set Riho will take on Ruby Soho in the first round of the women's tournament, Hikaru[...]
Preview for Tonight's AEW Rampage Airing at Special Early Start Time
AEW Rampage is airing at a special start time this week, as Tony Khan colludes with TIME ITSELF to try to upstage WWE Smackdown and RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE! Despite this personal vendetta against The Chadster, who has done nothing wrong other than offer a balanced, unbiased voice in wrestling journalism, The Chadster has still[...]
Four Matches from AEW Rampage That Ruined The Chadster's Life
AEW Rampage aired once again on TNT last night, totally ruining The Chadster's Friday night after The Chadster enjoyed watching WWE Smackdown Why doesn't The Chadster just not watch Rampage then if he hates it so much? Then The Chadster wouldn't be able to keep tabs on Tony Khan's diabolical plans to personally torment The[...]
AEW Rampage
AEW Rampage is on the air again tonight, which The Chadster finds to be just so unfair to The Chadster's beloved WWE Why does AEW have to have a show on the same night as Smackdown, taking away attention from WWE? So disrespectful And even more disrespectfully, even though the show is only an hour[...]
AEW Rampage Celebrates Good Friday with Texas Deathmatch
But last night on AEW Rampage, Hangman Page and Adam Cole took things to another level in a bloody Texas Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship At the end of the match, Page removed some barbed wire previously wrapped around his arm, wrapped it around the head of Adam Cole to create a crown of[...]
Matches Set for Upcoming AEW Rampage, Dynamite, Battle of the Belts
Of course, The Chadster is extremely cheesed off that AEW would do this to The Chadster's beloved WWE, but The Chadster has come to expect nothing less from Tony Khan, who has made it his mission in life to constantly terrorize The Chadster with his wrestling storytelling, which has already rendered The Chadster sexually impotent. Photo:[...]
AEW Rampage Results: Another Free Agent Debut Set for Dynamite
AEW Dynamite will once again feature the debut of a newly signed AEW talent, the company revealed on AEW Rampage on Friday Facing The Bunny in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament, the mystery signed seems likely to be another recent WWE release, with likely options including Toni Storm and Athena,[...]
Swerve Makes In-Ring Debut on Rampage; Match Added to Dynamite
After an action-packed post-Revolution episode of Dynamite, AEW followed up with this week's episode of Rampage, rubbing salt in The Chadster's proverbial wounds This show featured a lot of things to really cheese The Chadster off But it was nothing compared to what The Chadster is expecting from next week's Dynamite, the St Patrick's Day[...]
Hikaru Shida, Erick Redbeard Return on AEW Rampage
Former AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida returned on AEW Rampage last night, attacking Serena Deeb after Deeb won a squash match Shida's return adds yet another dimension to AEW's women's division, which The Chadster personally finds to be extremely disrespectful to WWE, who are having trouble transitioning their women's divisions to a Divas model[...]
CM Punk to MJF Before AEW Revolution: I'm Gonna Walk You Like a Dog
On AEW Rampage last night, CM Punk cut the final promo on MJF ahead of their dog collar match at AEW Revolution on Sunday In a promo recorded after Wednesday's attack on Punk by MJF and his cronies on AEW Dynamite, and with Punk still covered in blood, Punk reacted to the mind games MJF[...]