Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Whose Patronus Is A Silverback, Angling For A Role In The Fantastic Beasts Franchise?


We've long known that superstar actor and pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a Harry Potter fan. The Rock has even revealed which Hogwarts House he would be sorted to — Hufflepuff — in the event he had a chance to attend the magical academy. But when called upon by Matthew Lewis to serve as Lewis's patronus — the magical totem animals that serve to ward off dementors and were also used by the Order of the Phoenix to send secret messages — The Rock was happy to oblige, and even had a suggestion for what his own Patronus would be:

Since he's such a fan, can we expect The Rock to pop up in a future Wizarding World movie? We all know that any time an actor mentions a movie franchise on social media, it constitutes rumors that they're up for a part. And he would be great in the role; even Johnny Depp's Grindelwald wouldn't stand a chance against a well-timed Rockus Bottomus hex.

Of course, a role in that franchise could put a damper on The Great One's 2020 presidential campaign, so we'll have to take this rumor we just started with a grain of salt.

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