Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Why She Loves Playing Scarlet Witch

Once in a while, an actor finds a role that they really make their own, with a superhero and, or supervillain being some of the most heightened examples of that ability. One of those is the breakout live-action version of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), played by Elizabeth Olsen.

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Over the years, Olsen has appeared in a total of eight MCU projects in film or television, becoming a fan favorite across social media and with Marvel moviegoers. People have openly gravitated to the star's complex depiction of a character who pivots between good and bad (depending on how it affects her or her loved ones) and remains an excitingly unpredictable facet of the ongoing story. After her insanely adaptable performance in the cultish sitcom WandaVision, fans became even more invested in her place in the Marvel Universe, which will soon be revisited (heavily) in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

When it comes to portraying Wanda, there's obviously some love from Olsen, who continues to return to the roles time and time again (thankfully) – and in a new interview, the actor opened up about what it is that she personally enjoys.

During a press tour reported by The Direct, Olsen explains, "It's not the most fun, in my mind, to always play the hero of a story when they do no wrong. I don't find that interesting. I think the reason why I really enjoyed Wanda from the beginning is that she's very clear in her beliefs." The MCU star continues, "They just don't align with others, and that's okay. She'll have her own realizations and admit when she makes mistakes."

Wanda's duality is definitely something that sets her apart from the traditional MCU character that makes it to the big screen, so getting to see that the star enjoys it as much as the viewers feel like a rather special achievement.

What hopes do you have for future live-action Wanda Maximoff stories?

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