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Sam Raimi is in Talks to Direct the Doctor Strange Sequel

Sam Raimi is in talks to take over Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for Marvel Studios. The director of the original Spider-Man trilogy would be taking up the reigns after Scott Derrickson left the project in early January after citing "creative differences". Sam Raimi not only directed the first three Spider-Man films, he […]

Doctor Strange

RUMOR: Doctor Strange 2 To Film Next Year

The next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a little hazy but we might have an idea of what is coming up on the horizon. One of those movies is a sequel to Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange was an extremely important part of the last two Avengers movies and he is one of the […]

RUMOR: Doctor Strange 2 to Start Production "Next Spring"

Kevin Feige has hinted that Doctor Strange 2 is one of the movies that we'll be seeing in the post-Avengers 4 world The Mirror seems to have some new details, though they are by no means confirmed.The first is that the production for sequel, which has been mentioned but by no means confirmed by anyone,[...]

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Writer Teases Possible Sequel Ideas

We don't know what the Marvel universe post-Avengers 4 is going to look like. There are a bunch of assumptions that certain movies will be getting sequels, but there isn't a lot of definitive information. One of those movies that everyone assumes is getting a sequel in Phase 4 is Doctor Strange, and we might […]