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Millie Bobbie Brown Talks Enola Holmes with Henry Cavill

There have been countless adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, and now starting tomorrow, you'll be able to experience a new version of the popular story with a twist in Enola Holmes.

The Netflix film (which will officially be available to subscribers worldwide beginning tomorrow) stars Millie Bobbie Brown as Enola Holmes, the titular character, and younger sibling of the universally known Detective Sherlock. Aside from Brown's character Enola, Henry Cavill appears in the film as Sherlock himself, and Sam Claflin, the third (serious) Holmes sibling Mycroft in this new version of a classic story.

Enola Holmes Character Posters Debuts Ahead Of Next Week's Debut
Enola Holmes Character posters. Credit: Netflix

Though a detective's work typically requires a lot of tenacity and seriousness, Brown has recently opened up about the experiences she's had filming Enola Holmes about the jovial set and the serious talent that Cavill and Claflin bring to the project. In an interview with Good Morning America, the young actor told the hosts that Cavill has a remarkable talent to get right into character, no matter how different the energy might be in-between takes. Brown shared,

Oh my goodness, you know everyone was trying to keep set fun and light, especially because Mycroft is such a traditionalist. He's very serious all the time. To have Sam Claflin on set, he's a very funny person. It's very hard to keep a straight face around him. Something that Henry Cavill is very good at doing is as soon as they say action, he's very good to stop laughing and go right into it. Whereas I carry on the action and then have to take myself off the set. That's how I remain 16, that's how I know I'm still 16. I definitely crack up at every little thing that Sam does, especially his dance moves.


Fortunately for Brown, the film looks to focus a little more on those fun, quirky sides of cinema, so the intensity of the Holmes family can take a back seat for the Netflix film. Enola Holmes is available starting September 23, on Netflix, so check out the trailer above and let us know if you'll be watching in the comments section below!

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