Fanboy Rampage: Uwe Boll on Poster Theft, Civil Discourse, and Plans for Star Wars Episode IX

Fan-favorite filmmaker Uwe Boll has taken to Twitter to levy very serious allegations against Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson. Boll claims that Anderson copied the Phantom Thread movie poster from Boll's movie Bloodrayne in retaliation for Boll criticizing Phantom Thread on his podcast.

Boll asked the clickbait news media to pick up this story and get to the bottom of these claims.

Boll then began responding to tweets about the incident, in one case attempting to arrange a deal to promote his Kickstarter after a podcaster posted a gif of Nicolas Cage laughing.

In one instance, someone points out that this conspiracy goes even deeper than Boll's original tweet implies. In order for Anderson to steal a movie poster from Boll in response to Boll talking negatively about that movie, Anderson would need to travel back in time to before the movie was released. Anderson's thirst for revenge must know no bounds!

And then there was this.

Boll has an idea of how the situation can be made right.

Boll also revealed that all the "nerds" on the internet arguing with him are simply playing into his own self-promotional schemes.

On a completely unrelated note, Boll also complained about the decline of intelligent discourse on social media.

Finally, Uwe Boll has already mapped out his plans for Star Wars Episode IX, in case Lucasfilm decides to ditch J.J. Abrams and hire a real filmmaker like Boll.

And he's willing to trade jobs as extras to anyone who will petition Lucasfilm to make this happen.

In response to all of this, Paul Thomas Anderson traveled back in time once again to tweet:

As you can see, there's not a single Uwe Boll film on that list, proving without a shadow of a doubt that Anderson is messing with Boll on purpose.

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