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Exclusive Reveal: Ziggurat Interactive Chats With BloodRayne Devs
Ziggurat Interactive has provided us with an exclusive reveal this morning as they chat with BloodRayne developers for the 20th Anniversary This is one video in a series that will dive deeper into the games with the people who made them and get some of the inner workings and secrets never talked about before out[...]
BloodRayne Betrayal Is Set For Release In September
Ziggurat Interactive have released several games in the BloodRayne franchise this week specifically for the Epic Games Store Players on the platform can now get their hands on the enhanced PC versions of  BloodRayne: Terminal Cut ($14.99), BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut ($14.99), and BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites ($19.99), all updated and whatnot What's more, the[...]
BloodRayne: ReVamped Will Be Getting Console Releases
Ziggurat Interactive and Big Boat Interactive revealed this week they'll be re-releasing BloodRayne onto consoles next month Specifically the BloodRayne: Revamped series as you're getting the first two games completely revitalized for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch The games will be released as one single package for the digital launch, but there will also be[...]
BloodRayne: ReVamped Will Be Getting Console Releases
Ziggurat Interactive announced that they will be releasing BloodRayne: ReVamped onto all three major consoles down the line The company didn't have a proper release date for the game, which will have the first two titles in 4K with all the content and improvements you would expect rolled into a single title We do know[...]
BloodRayne Receives Its Final Ultimate Updates For PC
Something interesting and cool from Ziggurat Interactive this past week as they have launched a new BloodRayne fan club website The game already has a pretty fun following and a hardcore fanbase who are definitely prominent on social media with their artwork, which any visit to DeviantArt will show you But when Ziggurat bought the[...]
BloodRayne Receives Its Final Ultimate Updates For PC
Ziggurat Interactive revealed today that it has given the game BloodRayne one last "Ultimate Update" on PC Specifically, this update will affect the enhanced "Terminal Cut" editions of both BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2, as this will include updated visuals and audio enhancements, more localization fixes, several gameplay balances, and more additions to the content and[...]
uwe boll pta
Boll claims that Anderson copied the Phantom Thread movie poster from Boll's movie Bloodrayne in retaliation for Boll criticizing Phantom Thread on his podcast. Boll asked the clickbait news media to pick up this story and get to the bottom of these claims. Boll then began responding to tweets about the incident, in one case attempting to[...]
Uwe Boll Goes On Hollywood Rant After Crowd-Funding Failure
He was behind the video game to film franchise of House of the Dead, Alone In The Dark, In The Name Of The King and Bloodrayne He once challenged his critics to meet him in a boxing ring and he promised that if 1 million people signed a petition asking for him to retire, he[...]
An Appeal For Troy Wall Of BloodRayne
Troy Wall writes; I worked in the small press for many years, most notably on the BloodRayne comic book series for about five or six years I'm a prideful guy so it is very embarrassing for me to write to you for help I have a very expensive–and major– surgery approaching. I have medical insurance but the[...]