Free Guy and Death on the Nile Have Been Delayed Indefinitely

It really isn't that surprising, but it is still unfortunate to hear. The ongoing COVID-19 has really hurt the movie market, and since the United States has failed to get its collective shit together, it appears that we can more or less kiss 2020 goodbye. The last of two of the 2020 holdouts have officially been unset from their current release dates. According to a press release sent out by Disney, Free Guy and Death on the Nile have both been removed from their December 11th and 18th dates, respectively. At the moment, there aren't new dates for either of these movies.

Free Guy and Death on the Nile Have Been Delayed Indefinitely
The official posters for Free Guy and Death on the Nile. Credit: 20th Century Studio and Disney

Both Free Guy and Death on the Nile are holdouts from the 20th Century Fox acquisition. Much like previous movies acquired during the acquisition, they probably can't be released on VOD despite the fact that they would probably do well there. Death on the Nile in particular, provided it was budgeted well like Murder on the Orient Express was, could do well on a premium streaming format. Free Guy is another animal entirely.

At the moment, there are exactly two major holdouts for 2020 remaining, and they are Wonder Woman 1984 and Monster Hunter. The latter is a movie that Sony Pictures appears to be rolling the dice on. They are expecting a majority of that box office to come from international markets that have their shit together, unlike the United States. So if it doesn't do well domestically, they aren't that worried. As for Wonder Woman 1984, well, unless we see Los Angeles or New York City open in the next two weeks or so, we should expect that one to get delayed as well. The year is over, and it's time to pack it in; we need to focus on getting our shit together, so this doesn't roll over too far into 2021. Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and don't be an idiot.

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