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Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Talks Making a Movie Based on Original IP
One of the new ones that was a bright spot in summer 2021 is Free Guy We already knew that a sequel was on the way, and Asbell confirmed that the script is days away. We're awaiting a script that is days away It's a fantastic story. Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy on the set of[...]
Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Talks Making a Movie Based on Original IP
If there was a summer underdog movie, it's absolutely Free Guy No one really thought this movie was going to do well, but the critical reviews have been very positive overall, it walked away with a rare A audience rating, and it has already done very well on its first day Apparently, Disney knows what they[...]
Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Talks Making a Movie Based on Original IP
Free Guy is the rare movie to get the kind of blockbuster budget that it needed to get off of the ground That is a risk, though, and it was one that star Ryan Reynolds was very aware of when he was asked about greenlighting a movie based on original IP in the current market. "Well,[...]
Free Guy Director Shawn Levy Talks a Possible Sequel
Free Guy is one of the last holdovers of the Fox buyout, with the last three big remaining movies being The Kings Man, West Side Story, and Death on the Nile. It's also one of the rare movies to come out recently that isn't based on anything and is an original IP[...]
Free Guy Review: Pretty Fun and Not Mean-Spirited Toward Gamers
When we are reviewing Free Guy or any movie that will be released in theaters, a positive review is not an endorsement or encouragement to see a movie in the theaters That is a risk that you must make for yourself and those around you Please take into account whether or not you are personally[...]
Xbox & Ryan Reynolds Announce First-Ever NPC Awards
With the movie Free Guy on the way, they've decided to do a little cross-promotion by holding an online vote for who you think is the best NPC (All of them from Microsoft-owned titles no less.) The only one that isn't from a real game is Reynolds' character from the film, which, let's be honest[...]
The last of the movies from the Fox buyout is looking to finally come out, and one of them is Free Guy The Ryan Reynolds starring movie has been delayed several times not only due to the pandemic but was one of the movies that got a little lost as the two companies merged[...]
Free Guy: Deadpool and Korg “React” to Trailer in MCU Crossover
It seems he was finally afforded some creative autonomy into the MCU, promising his latest film Free Guy, one of the studio's final projects retained over in the purchase The actor devised a brilliant marketing ploy with his co-star Taika Waititi creating a "trailer reaction" video as the Marvel characters they portray on Reynolds' YouTube[...]
Free Guy and Shang-Chi To Have a 45-Day Theatrical Window
It seems that while Disney is a bit more hesitant that people will want to return to theaters right away with the Jungle Cruise change that they made today, they do have confidence that people will be going back to theaters eventually but with some changes. Bob Chapek announced during the Disney Investor Call today that[...]
Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds in Matrix Meets Ready Player One [TRAILER]
Ever the opportunist, actor Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to put a positive spin on his latest action-comedy Free Guy, and its release date shift to August 13 The star posted a video with the caption, "We figured it out! #FreeGuy" The video starts off casually enough with his sarcastic feigned enthusiasm "Hey Guys! Awesome[...]
Free Guy and Death on the Nile Have Been Delayed Indefinitely
According to a press release sent out by Disney, Free Guy and Death on the Nile have both been removed from their December 11th and 18th dates, respectively At the moment, there aren't new dates for either of these movies. The official posters for Free Guy and Death on the Nile Credit: 20th Century Studio and Disney Both Free[...]
Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds in Matrix Meets Ready Player One [TRAILER]
Aside from helping to make Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) a massive success, the actor is going back to the video game well again with elements of The Matrix and Ready Player One is his latest film from 20th Century Studios in Free Guy The latest trailer provides more specifics about the "blue-shirt" guy (Reynolds) and the[...]
New Image from the Ryan Reynolds Video Game Comedy "Free Guy"
One of those projects is Free Guy which is looking to be a whole different sort of video game adaptation This is a story about a NPC, or a non-player character, that realizes he is in a game and instead of trying to be a bad guy he tries to be a good guy[...]