Friday The 13th: New Line Teases Something, But What Is It

Friday The 13th has been in limbo for over a decade because of a very contentious, historic lawsuit that played out between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller. That finally has ended, and rumors are running rampant that we have a new Jason Voorhees film coming ASAP. Fanning the flames yesterday was the official New Line Cinema Instagram account, which posted a screenshot of their phone notifications with a DM from Jason himself. The whole thing is lame and awesome at the same time, but it for sure got people talking.

Friday The 13th: New Line Teases Something, But What Is It
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Will It Be Called Friday The 13th When It Happens?

Honestly, this feels like more of a joke than anything else. More than likely, it might be a tease for yet another release of the old films on Blu-ray yet again. But let's just say this is them saying a new movie is, in fact, being developed, as the rumors have said. That would mean Miller and Cunningham have finally come to their senses and agreed to work together. Miller, of course, owns the rights now to the first film and the name Friday The 13th, but not the character of adult Jason. One or the other could have gone out on their own to do something, but of the two, Miller would be the least likely since he couldn't use adult Jason, which is where all the money is. But if Cunningham went out on his own, it couldn't be called Friday The 13th, which is not new for the franchise, as parts 9 (Jason Goes To Hell) and 10 (Jason X) already did that.

It is an exciting place Jason finds himself in. While it does feel inevitable that he will stalk cinemas again someday, but if it is sooner rather than later remains to be seen. If there is anything official, rest assured we will let you know.

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