House of Wax Writers Pitch a Possible Prequel Film

If you asked me what's one 15-year-old horror film that you wouldn't expect to return in any capacity, I would have guessed the underrated 2005 film House of Wax. I also would have been completely wrong — but that's just the energy we're getting from 2020, isn't it?

The 2005 film (a remake of the 1953 film by the same name)  starred an array of talent including Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael MurrayBrian Van Holt in a dual role, Paris HiltonJared PadaleckiJon Abrahams, and Robert Ri'chard. The cast has each had a successful property under their belt, but the horror reboot wasn't exactly met with the warmest reception at the time of release. In fact, the film, which cost $40 million to make, barely hit $70 million in the box office. Generally, for films with bigger names or a higher price tag, marketing prices will suggest that a film would need to nearly double its budget to breakeven.

House of Wax Writers Pitch a Possible Prequel Film
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Despite the fact that it wasn't necessarily a box-office hit, the film has found a following over the last 15 years, and it's finally starting to get some well-deserved attention with a newfound cult following. In celebration of the film's 15 year anniversary, the writers of House of Wax (Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes) spoke to about the film, as well as a prequel idea that they've been interested in exploring.

They tell the publication, "We did float the idea of a prequel, after it [came out], but the studio's response is it didn't do any big numbers at the box office," Carey Hayes continued, "But if we approached it now, it could be a whole different story because of the fan base." Hayes later added, "It's like, the theater became full of people: How? You know? I mean, it's a crazy story."

The idea of an entire town being turned into wax-victims is definitely something worth looking into. After we've seen countless reboots, sequels, and prequels, this is actually an idea that could translate well for an existing audience with an appreciation for horror. Would you be interested in a House of Wax prequel?

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