I'm In A Doctor Who State Of Mind

This is a trailer for a TV show that will announce an actor will be taking a role in a TV show in four months time.

Only in Britain…. (literally it seems, the video may be geoblocked)

Okay, so on Sunday, as Bleeding Cool told you yesterday, the BBC will be announcing the Next Doctor. So… Doctor Who?

I don't know.

Last time I did, I had a genuine production leak before the announcement show, that it was Matt Smith. Here's the tweet.

See? You can find out how it all went down, as one of my sources has gone public about the whole thing.

This time, the show is live, not pre recorded. Almost, it seems, in an attempt to circumnavigate me. And it's worked.

All I have are my best guesses based on the evidence I have. And, despite all the tabloid gossip about Peter Capaldi, that's still Daniel Rigby. Others have said Daniel Kaluuya from Skins (and also known as Parking Patawayo). More have said Ben Daniels, and it seems that he may have even been cast as the role back in January, but had to turn the role down due to personal issues. Capaldi seems too big, too expensive, too well known a figure to take the role, already having Malcolm Tucker as a big bold brash character on his resume.

But there is something niggling at the back of my mind.

Because, although the new actor will be hyped as the twelfth Doctor, he or she looks like they'll actually be the Thirteenth Doctor, with John Hurt being inserted into the show as the real Ninth Doctor, whether he uses that name or not, shuffling everyone along one.

Which means that the new actor will be The Last Doctor, as Time Lord only get thirteen lives. Unless they get fiddled about with. You might want someone different, maybe older, for that role, and it may also have limited a limited affordable time span, for a year, say.

My instinct still says Rigby. But, before I got the Smith leak, last time it said Patterson Joseph. So, you know…

And after the Next Doctor, the one to be announced on Sunday, that's when you do something very physically different for the Doctor, like cast a woman. Something to justify the Doctor getting a new lease of life past his thirteenth incarnation.

After all, that's what Steven Moffat laid out back in The Curse Of Fatal Death. The moment has been prepared for…


Of course, the Doctor may not be the only character regenerating at Christmas. I hear the possibility that Master may be joining him for a double regeneration…

And there's also The Valeyard, an evil incarnation from somewhere between the Doctor's twelfth and final incarnation. He was mentioned as a name of The Doctor in the most recent episode, and not by chance. Steven Moffat does not write by chance…

Say, I wonder if Capaldi could be playing The Valeyard? Or The Master?

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