Jeremy Renner Says Hawkeye Netflix Series Comments Were A Joke


So, I've been hanging out with a whole bunch of Avengers today. Most of the cast of Captain America: Civil War has chatted to us today, and I have a few things to share, before I do you a full write up.

The first is regarding Jeremy Renner's comments on a Hawkeye Netflix series. A while ago, news hit that Renner would be up for it, but he and Elizabeth Olsen told us in a roundtable interview that that enthusiasm might have been a little played up.

When asked about the series, the duo said:

Elizabeth Olsen: [Laughs and looks at Renner] I'm so sorry. This keeps coming up. It was a joke that people took seriously. We were doing press, and some one was like "How would you like doing a Netflix series with Hawkeye having his own spinoff with his family. And it was banter and a joke. Now people think you are really…

Jeremy Renner: Pushing for it. Yeah. I don't get a say in any of that anyway, whether I think it's a good idea or not! Jokes get me in trouble.

Of course, none of this means the discussion couldn't have gotten cogs moving, but at least for now, it would seem not.

Captain America: Civil War releases in cinemas Friday April 29

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