WWE Legend Jerry Lawler Speaks Out About John Cena's Completely Hairless Body

WWE Hall-of-Famer and pro wrestling Jerry "The King" Lawler revealed details on his manscaping habits while appearing on former broadcast partner Jim Ross's wrestling podcast, The Ross Report, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc. During the podcast, as the wrestling site astutely noticed, Lawler went in depth on manscaping, telling a story about how he first got into the habit after watching Hulk Hogan shaving his back.

Lawler explained:

"I was never into manscaping, or even worry about grooming your chest hairs, or shaving your back, or anything, or even shaving under your arms, or anything like that until, and it's so funny, until I got around Hulk Hogan. And one day, Hulk and I are sitting around in the locker room and I look over, and [Ross has] seen one of those long shoehorns that they make out of plastic and you could help put your shoes on while you're standing up, [has Ross] ever seen them? Well, he had one of those long shoehorns and he had like a twin-blade razor taped to the bottom of it. And I'm thinking, 'what the hell is that?' And then, all-of-a-sudden, he goes over to the mirror and he turns around. He's shaving his back with this razor taped to this long shoehorn! And so, I said, 'well, I'll be damned! I think that might work!' So that's when I first started to get rid of a little bit of the rug I was wearing on my body."

But the juiciest bit of news concerns WWE Superstar John Cena, who Lawler reveals is completely clean shaven below the ears, with not a hair on his entire body.

"John Cena prides himself on the fact that there's not another hair on his entire body other than the hair on his head," The King salaciously revealed. "Yeah, he told me that many times. […] Yeah, he does have eyebrows, [Ross is] right about that one, and eyelashes."

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