John DiMaggio's Joker Gets Approval From Mark Hamill

The DC animated universe has a magic to it that can't be replicated, and ahead of the newest release, Batman: Death in the Family, the new Joker has a very important seal of approval.

Veteran voice actor John DiMaggio, who you might know from iconic series like Adventure Time, Kim Possible, and Futurama, has officially joined the DC universe as the next Joker in Batman: Death in the Family. The storyline is one of the most infamous chapters under the Bat-Family umbrella. Jason Todd is the victim of a brutal beating by Joker and ultimately sets Todd on a very different path when he later returns.

What was once a controversial story will now come back to life through the animated film, which is no stranger to the DC animated films (Did we really need that Batman: The Killing Joke film though?) With the new movie available on VOD services, Syfy Wire spoke to DiMaggio, who shared that one of the most iconic Jokers approved of his performance, telling the publication, "I appreciate all the other Jokers and stuff like that and they appreciate me," he adds. "We're kind of like this weird fraternity of actors that have played the part. It's kind of fun. You know you did OK when Mark Hamill says, 'John, I love what you did with the Joker. It's great!'"

Trailer For DC Animated Film Batman: Death In The Family Debuts - Joker
Photo Credit: DC / WB

Batman: Death in the Family has a new interactive element that helps viewers determine different outcomes — adding a nice point of interest for those who might want to see a different take on the events for hardcore Jason Todd fans. Though I'm sure, there are those who also want to stick to continuity, which you know involves a grim ending by the hands of the clown prince.

DiMaggio also discussed his gratitude for portraying a character who is often at the core of some of the biggest conflicts in the Bat-Family, saying, "It's such a wonderful role to play because of the uncertainty of where the Joker will take you next. The unpredictability of the Joker is what makes him so fascinating." That unpredictability is undeniable, so it'll definitely be interesting to see DiMaggio's version of the Joker.

Batman: Death in the Family is available now — will you be watching?

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