Judge Death Was Meant To Be In The Original Dredd Movie But Fox Turned It Down


Dredd has gone on to have quite a life on home and streaming releases. The film has garnered a real love from a cult following, meaning cries for a sequel ring out pretty often. The first was pretty good too, so no reason they couldn't build from there.

However, that film once looked pretty different. Screenwriter, and then caretaker director on the first film Alex Garland apparently had a very different take early on for the film. According to franchise co-creator John Wagner, speaking to ScreenGeek, an early draft by Garland featured Judge Death. He said:

That was actually the first script that Alex Garland did was a Judge Death script but Fox, who they were dealing with at the time, turned it down. They wanted more nuts and bolts before they went into the [metaphysical].

Death has a really striking look to him, and he could make for a really neat live action creation. If a sequel did ever happen, (which I will say, I'm not holding my breath for) I'd love to see them take on the bad guy.

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