K-Pop and Demon Slaying Will Intertwine for Sony Pictures Animation

There's been a collision of two completely different worlds, and it's everything I could have ever hoped for. It was just announced by Variety that an animated film is in the works looking to bring K-Pop and demon-slaying together for a cinematic event. The Sony Pictures Animation project is currently known as K-Pop: Demon Hunters and has officially nabbed Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans as the film's directors, looking to spotlight the evolutionary growth of K-Pop in an action-adventure format.

The film will follow a world-renowned girl group who uses the little spare time they have to fight the forces of darkness — almost like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets K-Pop. (Wait, did I already say I'm in?) The group will have to find a balance of stardom and secret identity, which will also include Oscar-winning producer Aron Warner, and a script penned by Hannah McMechan and Danya Jimenez (jointly known as 'Hanya').

K-Pop and Demon Slaying Will Intertwine for Sony Pictures Animation
K-Pop: Demon Hunters Art Courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation / Credit: https://twitter.com/SonyAnimation/status/1369013658265604100?s=20

In a statement published by Variety, one of the two directors (Kang) shared, "Having been a fan of the genre since its beginnings in the '90s, this film is my love letter to K-Pop and my Korean roots. It encompasses and celebrates everything K-Pop is – it's the film I would want to see as a lifelong fan, and I hope the millions of K-Pop fans out there in the world will feel the same,"

Appelhans also stated that he "always wanted to do a film about the power of music – to unite, bring joy, build community. K-Pop is the greatest embodiment of this in our lifetime, and we're really excited to honor and showcase that through the lens of animation."

As acts like Blackpink, Girls Generation, and BTS have spent years dominating their respective styles, it's becoming clear that K-Pop is (finally) getting some well-deserved recognition for its contributions to pop-culture.

With that being said, we'll be eagerly awaiting all things K-Pop: Demon Hunters!

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