Kalinda Vazquez to Write an Original Star Trek Movie for Paramount

While Star Trek on the small screen might be kicking ass and taking names when it comes to the big screen, the series has been in a bit of a tailspin for a couple of years now. Back in 2009, the first rebooted movie was one of those moments where a niche fandom went mainstream. This was before the Disney era of Star Wars films would bring that series to a new generation. Still, while having a large and dedicated following, this series never really managed to get fans outside of people who were already going to be into something like Star Trek.

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L-R: The official posters for Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016). Credit: Paramount Pictures

The 2009 movie changed that, and while that first movie was generally well-received [though it gets dunked on now for lens flare], the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013 was pretty much a mess. It made more than the first movie, but fans and critics didn't really like it, and it had one of the worst bait-and-switches in a long time. This new series of movies appeared to be stumbling hard, but it came back in a big way, at least content-wise, with Star Trek Beyond. By far the best of the Kelvin Timeline movies, it is, unfortunately, a movie that didn't do well at the box office despite its critical praise. Since then, we've had projects announced and canceled and in various forms of development from directors like S.J. Clarkson and Noah Hawley but no real movements in any directions until today.

According to Deadline, writer Kalinda Vazquez has been signed on to write an original Star Trek movie for Paramount Pictures. According to Deadline's sources, "Vazquez has written on Star Trek: Discovery and insiders said this is a blind deal for an original movie that she hatched, one that expands her role in the Trek Universe." It's good that Paramount is pulling from the talent that they already have with their TV shows and putting them onto the movies. That's a good way of making sure that the people involved with the project are at least familiar with what Paramount wants from this property.

At the moment, we don't have any additional information, but it is interesting that we're getting this announcement. Paramount+ is dropping, and everyone seems to say that Star Trek's future is on the small screen, not the big one. So we'll have to see what comes from this project, but the fact that they are calling it an original movie is very promising.

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