Karl Urban Confirms He's In Talks For The Judge Dredd TV Show

When we found out that there was going to be a Judge Dredd television show a bunch of people online immediately wanted to know if Karl Urban was going to be involved. Urban starred in the 2012 reboot Dredd which tanked at the box office but has a loyal cult following. The fans and Urban have never given up on getting a sequel because Dredd is a movie that would fit into the world now. Deadpool and Logan have proven that R rated comic book movies can make money. It looks like they are going the TV route though but Urban is still wants to be involved.

Karl Urban Confirms He's In Talks For The Judge Dredd TV ShowUrban was a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas over the weekend. He was asked about his possible involvement in Judge Dredd: Mega City One and Trek Online was on hand to grab his statement.

I am in discussions with them about that. I told them that if they write the material and give Dredd something to do and give him a function, I will be there. I would love to.

So it sounds like Urban is more than willing to make an appearance in the show if they have a place for him. Considering the same producers as the movie are working on the show and Urban's passion about the character they will find a place for him.

The last we heard about the show it was least two years away but the timeline could easily move on. There also isn't a network but Netflix is the current rumored location.

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