Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: Aruba Con

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 premiere, 'Aruba Con'.

Legends of Tomorrow

If The Flash's season premiere wasn't enough, we got the premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a show that has completely embraced the insanity that it seemed to have spent the first season trying to avoid. It got so tired of just staring into the abyss that it put on its swim fins and swan-dived in — and it's been a better show ever since.

The episode picks up immediately following last season's finale with the team hopping out of the Waverider to see what they can do about the dinosaurs running around Los Angeles. But before they can do anything, the Time Bureau is there efficiently cleaning things up. Rip Hunter appears and tell the team they are relieved of duty. He takes his ship back and sends them all home.

Jump ahead six months, and almost everyone is miserable. Sara is working retail, Ray is working for a dating app company, Nate is the second-most popular hero in Central City, Jax has dropped out of school, and Amaya has gone back to her time. The only ones who are happy are Martin, who is spending time with his now-pregnant daughter, and Mick, who is in Aruba drinking himself to oblivion on a private beach. Which is where things turn when Mick is confronted by Julius Caesar. The team decides to use Caesar to get back in good with the Time Bureau and get their ship back.

It doesn't go well when Caesar gets away and they grab a fake. The team steals the Waverider, go to Aruba and get Caesar, then head back to Rome to drop him off — but Nate accidentally allows Caesar to swipe a history book that tells him to kill Brutus and a few others before the Ides of March. This screws up the world, of course, forcing Rip and the Time Bureau to show up to fix things. Only it's a trap — and the Legends have to go in to save the day.

Afterwards, Rip decides to let them keep the Waverider, explaining to his agent that they may need the Legends with the evil thing that is coming. And we end with a scene of Amaya kicking ass in her village — and she seems more powerful.

The show has truly embraced that these heroes are screw-ups. They've come up with the motto: "Sometimes we screw things up for the better." And it feels like Rip is trying to harness the chaos because of something really bad coming. There was also a few neat Easter eggs like a hint to Ray's size-changing belt, the return of King Arthur and a nod to the Booster Gold comic series (greatest hero you've never heard of). Now we have to see how they'll get Amaya back and pick up Zari. And does anyone want to take odds on Mick hooking up with Agent Ava Sharpe?

It's hard to tell how this new dynamic is going to work. But I'm guessing they'll be tripping over Time Bureau people regularly as both groups travel through time to correct the anachronisms. And it looks like the first one the Legends go to get is a saber-tooth tiger in P.T. Barnum's traveling circus. This is the episode we've seen highlight for before — the one that includes Billy Zane as Barnum and a glimpse at B'wana Beast, another DC character, as the strongman in the circus.


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