Loki Scribe Michael Waldron Talks Scrapped LEGO Batman Sequel Script

In other Batman news, no, we are not discussing his dietary habits but the other Bat-related news that got the internet humming just the other day. In an interview with Collider, director Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) revealed that there is a scrapped first draft script for a The LEGO Batman Movie sequel written by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick, and Morty) and super Star Wars fan Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty, Loki). "It was truly epic… both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint."  Micheal then posted the front page, then titled "LEGO Superfriends" on social media:

While discussing his Disney + series Loki, his upcoming Starz series Heels, and his upcoming collaboration with Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spiderman), Dr. Strange Waldron reflected on that first draft of what was sure to be a colossal hit packed with meta jokes that might make Harley Quinn blush.

BC: Let's talk about the really big news that just lit up the internet yesterday; you and Dan Harmon wrote a sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie? What details can you share about that?

Michael Waldron: I saw that (Chris) McKay did a, probably, better job of describing it than I would. That was a fun project; it would have been really cool. It was a great, sort of like, time-hopping story. Yeah, I guess, as McKay said, a little bit of Godfather II, a little bit of Boogie Nights. Really about the friendship between Batman and Superman and trying to investigate what went wrong between those two. I liked it; it was fun to write Superman. To get to write, kind of, a real wide-eyed version of – the Dirk Diggler version of Superman. It was fun. That would have been a good one. Harmon, he had some; he had a lot of great Martian Manhunter jokes in there.   

The LEGO Batman Movie. Credit: Warner Bros.
The LEGO Batman Movie. Credit: Warner Bros.

BC: Can you remember any of them?

Waldron:  I can't. I keep those in my back pocket; you never know what happens.

Instead of that hilariousness, you can wet your beak with Michael Waldron's work on Loki, airing Tuesday nights on Disney +, Heels which premieres August 15th on Starz, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on March 25, 2022.

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