After Surviving 8 Days In Back Of Garbage Truck, Braun Strowman Returns To WWE Raw Seeking Revenge

Braun Strowman, who was forced into the back of a garbage truck at WWE TLC by Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs with help from The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro, returned to WWE Monday Night Raw last night after apparently living the past eight days in the back of the truck.

The Miz was attempting to leave Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena in his limo with his two companions, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, when an ominous garbage truck which was blocking their way backed up and dumped its contents onto the hood. The Miz and friends tried to escape, but were delayed by childproof door locks, as Brawn Strowman rose from beneath the pile of garbage and shouted his signature battle cry, "BRRAAAAAUUUUUNNN!!!"

Strowman, who must have lived off week-old WWE catering leftovers in the back of the truck for eight days, looked no worse for wear as he chased the three men back into the arena. He brutally assaulted them, delivering five running power slams to Curtis Axel before power slamming him through the announcers' table as The Miz and Dallas escaped. "BRRAAAAAAUUUNNNN!!!" cried Strowman in triumph during and after his vicious attack on Axel. "BRRRAAAAAAUUUNNN!!!" the Baltimore crowd shouted back in approval.

For normal men who aren't The Shredder, surviving being compacted in the back of a garbage truck would be an impossible feat. But Strowman, nicknamed The Monster Amongst Men, not only survived the initial compacting, but apparently made the back of the garbage truck his home for more than a week.

Strowman, rumored to be an avid HGTV watcher, even made home improvements to the truck. It was painted a lovely red color by the time Strowman emerged at Monday Night Raw, even though the truck was painted white when he was initially tossed into it by Jacobs at TLC. Though it wasn't shown on TV, the back of the truck reportedly also features an open floor plan, stainless steel (though trash-covered) appliances, and several walk-in closets.

Now that Strowman has gotten his revenge on The Miz, will he return to a normal life living in a home or apartment, or has he now grown accustomed to garbage truck life? Will he continue to live and travel in the truck until he also gets revenge on Sheamus, Cesaro, and Jacobs? Questions like these can only be answered by tuning into next week's Monday Night Raw, but in the meantime, we can probable all agree on one thing: "BRRAAAUUUNNNNN!!!"

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