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"It's me, Austin! It was me all along!" - Screencap of WWE Monday Night Raw from back when it was good
 One thing WWE fans have been adamant about wanting for a long time now is an actual physical building to house the WWE Hall of Fame, which has always been discussed but never realized beyond their annual celebration of who isn't on Vince's shit-list that year  So why exactly hasn't such a simple demand which[...]
Mayor Kane announces heartwarming community initiatives and refrains from raining hellfire and brimstone down on the residents of Knox County, Tennessee
Former WWE Superstar turned Republican mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, Kane, will join the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2021 WWE revealed the news on their podcast, The Bump, Wednesday With this accolade, Kane is set to follow in the footsteps of another famous politician who started as a WWE Superstar, was inducted into[...]
The Logo for WWE Hall of Fame 2021
WWE will hold a double-sized WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic occuring just before WrestleMania season last year, WWE never got around to holding a 2020 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as it would be months before the company would find the courage to repeatedly put elderly Superstars in[...]
Shane Helms informs Molly Holly she'll be joining the WWE Hall of Fame
Molly Holly is the first wrestler to join WWE's 2021 Hall of Fame Class In a surprise move, rather than passing the information to a major sports blog as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE and then acting like that blog scooped the story, as if reporters at ESPN are champing at the bit to find out who is[...]
It was a role Nancy Benoit excelled at. Vice A Case for Nancy Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame Born Nancy Toffoloni, she became best known for her two personas Fallen Angel and later, Woman Her career was also largely defined by her two spouses Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit While her life was cut short in[...]
ESPN Discovers Secret WWE Plan to Induct Torrie Wilson Into Hall of Fame
In a shocking turn of events, investigators from ESPN have uncovered WWE's secret plans to induct Torrie Wilson into the Hall of Fame class of 2019 Just kidding! WWE gave the information to ESPN as an exclusive, but they like to act like ESPN broke the story, as if who WWE is inducts into their[...]
Terrell Owens in 2012
The greatest individual achievement you can obtain as an NFL players is induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Inclusion among the best to ever play the game is an honor that most players only dream of This year, one of the former players to be selected is Terrell Owens. A third-round draft pick of[...]
Albert Pujols
And here it is! The 3,000 Hit Club just got bigger! Albert Pujols, you're its newest member! #Pujols3000 pic.twitter.com/hatWVJblga — Angels (@Angels) May 5, 2018 His teammates joined on the bag at first in celebration afterwards. Albert now joins players like Craig Biggio, Eddie Murray, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ichiro Suzuki, and more in the esteemed club[...]
Jeff Jarrett wrestlemania 34
At Friday's WWE 2018 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, pro wrestling fans saw something they might have thought they'd never see again: Jeff Jarrett on WWE television Jarrett left WWE in 1999, dropping the Intercontinental Title to Chyna Jarrett's contract had expired before the match, and rumor has it Jarrett demanded a huge sum of[...]
wwe hall of fame logo
WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony aired last night on the WWE Network, for an especially long time since it seemed Hillbilly Jim would never stop talking But there was more action that didn't take place on stage WWE has released a series of backstage videos from the event on YouTube, which we've gathered[...]
Mark Henry Pleads with Martha Hart: Let Owen Hart Join WWE Hall of Fame
On Saturday night, WWE inducted its 2018 class into the WWE Hall of Fame Headlining a night that included The Dudley Boys, Ivory, Kid Rock, and Jeff Jarrett, amongst others, was Bill Goldberg, who oddly talked mostly about how he really wanted to be a professional football player The man who should have headlined the[...]
Hillbilly Jim Joins WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Class
It's Monday, and right on schedule, another mainstream media outlet has "discovered" the next inductee into WWE's Hall of Fame Hillbilly Jim will join the star-studded class that also includes heavy-pooping former WCW star Bill Goldberg, decorated tag team champs The Dudley Boyz, women's wrestling pioneer Ivory, country music singer and karatbar mogul Jeff Jarrett, and[...]
TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett to Join WWE Hall of Fame
The latest in a shocking string of coincidences wherein major media outlets conveniently discover the next inductee in WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame Class, NBC Sports has reported that Jeff Jarrett is the next wrestler to join the exclusive club Jarrett, who held the WWE Intercontinental Championship six times, was an eleven-time World Champion outside[...]