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Matthew Vaughn Says He Knows How Kingsman 3 Begins And Ends

Argylle director Matthew Vaughn says he has the beginning and the end of Kingsman 3 figured out but has to work on the middle.

Article Summary

  • Matthew Vaughn is fleshing out Kingsman 3, with Act 1 and 3 ready but the middle in progress.
  • Kingsman franchise has a rollercoaster history, with third installment set to conclude key arcs.
  • Writer-director Vaughn hints urgency for Kingsman 3 with jests about the aging cast.
  • Eager fans and Vaughn are navigating the storytelling maze to finalize the anticipated sequel.

The first Kingman film was a rare film that didn't make number one on its opening weekend and instead lost to Fifty Shades of Grey. However, while Fifty Shades dropped significantly on its second weekend, Kingsman hung out at the top of the box office for a while, proving that you don't need to be number one on the opening weekend to turn a profit. Positive critical reviews and good word of mouth really helped make that first film into something special. However, the second film is much more of a mixed bag, both commercially and critically. The prequel, The King's Man, got caught up in the Fox and Disney merger and then delayed due to COVID-19, so when it was released, no one really cared. However, there is a Kingman 3 on the way, along with a sequel to the prequel of The King's Man. Matthew Vaughn has a new film, Argylle, coming out soon, but people are asking him about the next couple of entries into the Kingsman universe. When asked how things are coming along with Kingsman 3 by Collider, Vaughn revealed that he has the beginning of the story and the end but needs to fill in the middle.

"So Kingsman 3, we've got to get on with before Colin [Firth] is way too old and dare I say it, Taron's [Egerton] getting on as well," Vaughn said. "So, Kingsman 3 is definitely the conclusion of their relationship. Act one is being written. Act three is being written. Act Two needs some work, right? And so we know how it ends, we know how it begins."

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Every writer ever is sitting here nodding our heads in agreement because, yup, we all know the feeling of knowing the beginning and the end but still having to fill in that middle part. We don't know when Kingman 3 will be coming out, but it sounds like Vaughn is still interested in exploring this world and is actively working on the film.

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