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Mark Millar's Starlight Getting Film Treatment, Joe Cornish Directing
This will join Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman in the Mark Millar cinematic universe, with a Jupiter's Legacy show debuting soon on Netflix The news of Starlight hitting the big screen was reported on by Deadline. Starlight Starlight Is One Of Mark Millar's Better Comics "The comic centers on a space hero who saved the universe 35 years ago[...]
Original Artwork Auction
And there are some real bargains to be had – from early Kingsman art from Dave Gibbons, to Alan Davis' Excalibur, Simone Bianchi's Thor, Jaime Hernandez's Whoa Nellie, to when Kevin Smith wrote Batman drawn by Walt Flanagan, though in the two remaining days they may go a lot higher Still, you have to be[...]
Seven More Kingsman Films, TV Show Are In Development At MARV
Kingsman fans: you will have an expanded universe you could have only dreamed of Seven more films and a TV show set in the Kingsman film universe are in the planning stages according to new MARV CEO Zygi Kamasa All told, Matthew Vaughn has "something like seven more Kingsman films" kicking around This is also in[...]
No Film Yet But National Army Museum Launches King's Man Exhibition
The in-person promotions for the Kingsman movies in London have always been pretty spectacular Both times they have fitted an actual Kingsman tailor store in the heart of London's fashion district near Regent's Street, as close to their position in the movie as possible I popped along to them for both Kingsman: Secret Service five[...]
New Poster and Trailer for the Kingsman Prequel The King's Man
The first Kingsman movie was sort of lightning in a bottle It came out the same weekend as Fifty Shades of Grey and had no chance of winning the opening weekend However, Fox and the people involved didn't seem keen to win and instead budgeted the movie, so it turned a profit While Fifty Shades of Grey[...]
New Poster and Trailer for the Kingsman Prequel The King's Man
What was interesting about Kingsman was that it stayed in the number two spot because of the good reviews and good word of mouth The second movie, however, did not do nearly as well in terms of the box office, with critics, and with audiences There was a chance that it was the end of the[...]
Mark Millar Moved to Get BTS to Sing in Upcoming Kingsmen Movies
(@BTS_army_Fin) 29 December 2019 It's not a totally random connection – BTS just performed cosplaying as Kingsman, based on the film and movie he co-created with Matthew Vaughn and Dave Gibbons, The Secret Service. Kingsman creator @mrmarkmillar showed his love for @BTS_twt after #BTSARMY sent him the KBS version of #Dionysus based on the comic. He spoke of[...]
Yes, 'Kingsman: The Great Game' Still Happening After Disney's Fox Purchase
Just to be PERFECTLY clear, we're talking about two DIFFERENT Kingsman films There is Kingsman: The Great Game which will be a prequel to the two previous titles and is set to hit theaters in 2020, and then there will be the untitled Kingsman 3 which doesn't have a release date yet. On The Great Game front- A new report from Variety[...]
[Review] Kingsman: The Secret Service Game
credit// YesGnome[rwp_box_recap id="0"] YesGnome's mobile game based on Kingsman: The Secret Service which uses a combination of tap controls and a virtual joystick to take down opponents using stealth and quicktime combat. The game requires quick reflexes for its surprisingly intense action combat While the game's story is very reminiscent of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it isn't a direct[...]
Kingsman: The Secret Service the Mobile Game Launches Wednesday
credit// YesGnome Developer YesGnome is launching their premium mobile title, Kingsman: The Secret Service Game on Wednesday, May 1st Based on the film of the same name, the action puzzle platformer takes players on a mission to uncover who is behind the plot to destroy the Kingsman base. Naturally, players control Eggsy ans he eliminates enemies using[...]
'Kingsman: The Great Game' Prequel Film Delayed to Valentine's Day 2020
One of the more interesting bits of Kingsman lore was established by Colin Firth's Harry Hart in 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service, a bit of a description of the organization's history: Since 1849, Kingsman tailors have clothed the world's most powerful individuals. By 1919, a great number of them had lost their heirs to World War I. That[...]
'Kingsman: The Great Game' Prequel Film Casts Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Director Matthew Vaughn reunites with his Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson by casting him for the Kingsman prequel film, Kingsman: The Great Game. Aaron Taylor Johnson Photo by DFree / Taylor-Johnson built an impressive resume of comic book film roles with the Kick-Ass film franchise as the title character and The Avengers: The Age of Ultron as Quicksilver[...]
Mark Millar Confirms Why Taron Egerton Isn't in the Next Kingsman Movie
Yesterday we got news that actor Taron Egerton is not returning to the Kingsman series for the next outing The outing, which until recently was assumed to be Kingsman 3, has been rumored to be a prequel but there hasn't been any confirmation one way or another When the movie was announced it was announced[...]
Kingsman Agent Eggsy Heading Home from MAFEX This Year
Kingsman agent Gary "Eggsy" Unwin is coming this year from MAFEX Shipping in late winter of 2018, Eggsy will have a multitude of weapons at his disposal along with two face portraits Multiple points of articulation, and a figure stand to boot He for sure is one of the fanciest figures I have seen in[...]