The Mummy's Box Office Take Highlights Divide Between America's And Rest Of World's Opinion Of Tom Cruise


It isn't just governmental positions on climate change that separates the United States of America from most of the other countries in the world. The country also has a shockingly lower opinion of its own homegrown movie star, Tom Cruise. While most of the world was enjoying Cruise's attempt to breath life into Universal's planned (but probably cursed) Dark Universe franchise with The Mummy, the United States was going to see Wonder Woman again.

As Bleeding Cool reported earlier today, Wonder Woman is estimated to have earned another $57.2 million this weekend, marking a less than 50% drop from its domestic opening. That's even better than the movie was expected to do in its second weekend, even with such positive reviews, press, and word of mouth.

Another prediction exceeded was that of The Mummy, which did even worse in Wonder Woman's wake than originally expected. At first, the movie was tracking for a $40 million domestic opening, which was later lowered to $35 million. As it turned out, the movie earned an estimated $32.2 million, underperforming against its own lowered expectations.

Internationally, however, it was a different picture. The Mummy easily won the weekend with estimated $141.8 million, bringing its global total to an estimated $174 million. The global number makes The Mummy Tom Cruise's biggest box office opening of all time. We'll say that again. The Mummy was Tom Cruise's biggest box office opening of all time. Wonder Woman still performed well, with an additional $58 million outside the U.S.:

It seems like everyone should be happy, with enough money to go around for both films, despite a disappointing domestic debut for the Dark Universe. But what if the differences in opinion of Tom Cruise highlight a larger, insurmountable divide between the United States and the rest of the world? How are we to come together and bring peace to the planet if we can't even agree on whether or not Tom Cruise rebooting Brendan Fraser is a good thing?

As we get deeper into the summer blockbuster release schedule, America has a lot of soul searching to do to decide whether it will continue to lead the world in appetite for Tom Cruise action films, or whether it will continue its isolationist plunge, denying Cruise's box office appeal despite scientific evidence agreed upon by most of the rest of the world.

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