The Nerd Dome Podcast 120 – All About Star Wars: Rebels

When I'm not infuriating everyone in our comment sections here, I'm on a podcast with a bunch of my close friends out here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Every week, we get together and talk about the nerd news that has happened over the week, comics, and a topic for the latter half. We are a NSFW podcast, and all of our opinions are our own. We have a good time, and we'd love for you to join us!

Nerd Dome Podcast
The Nerd Dome Podcast Episode 120 – GuanThrawnimo Bay

We're winding down to the last three episodes of Star Wars: Rebels and two of the members of the podcast are really excited and really nervous about it. On our skeleton crew episode Ryan and I dig deep into all of Rebels and how much we've both enjoyed it. We talk about the big reveals from the most recent episodes and where we think the show is going to end come Monday. We dig deep in Force related lore not just across Rebels but all of Star Wars.

During the news segments we cover Kristen Wiig being considered for the lead villain role in Wonder Woman 2, I scream about Annihilation and how everyone should go see it right now, and about the major Disney release date shifts. Right click me to download

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