The New York Daily News Calls For A Boycott On The LEGO Batman Movie To Protest Trump Administration

lego-batman-1Apparently, everything is not awesome.

Greg Kuntzman of the NY Daily News, who somehow survived the schoolyard bullies, gave the LEGO Batman Movie a rave review (as did Bleeding Cool) is now calling for a boycott of the movie that he has already seen and enjoyed.

Because it's executive-produced by Steve Mnuchin, expected to be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury on Saturday. And, as Greg puts it, " is about to have the greatest weekend since that raucous one at Bernie's — and he can thank Donald Trump's "billionaires only" cabinet and the movie-going public, which is expected to buy $60 million in tickets during the "LEGO Batman" opening weekend."

As he says "So if you're upset that he's turning the White House into a cash machine for his cronies, you have only one choice this weekend: Boycott "The LEGO Batman Movie."

I think that's a duff decision, Any boycott will be a pinprick in the mighty DC, Warners and Lego machine.

Instead, why not entrench their position together? Maybe get Donald Trump's wall build out of Lego instead?


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