New York, Daredevil Is Looking Right At You

Walking back from the excitement of a screening of The Daily Show as members of the studio audience, Rich Johnston and I moved past Penn Station, but as trained to do during New York Comic Con, looked up and to the left at the video screens nearby. There, to our delight, on the eve of the Netflix premier of the series, Daredevil had a video spot, and it was quite an impressive one at that.

Charlie Cox, as Daredevil, taking something of a catwalk pose appears to "look into the camera" or rather, right at you, through his shades. Of course, that's quite a statement when it comes to Daredevil and syncs with various discussions about how his senses work in this incarnation. We don't have long to wait to find out…

Here's what we saw in Midtown:

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