Octodad: Dadliest Catch Made Nearly $5 Million In Sales

Octodad as a concept is really smart. To me it's all a big metaphor about how people have to 'pretend' to be adults and fit roles, only it's played out with an octopus instead of a human. Mix with that ludicrous physics controls and there is a gem of an idea in there.

My problem with Dadliest Catch was that the idea was spread too far and it got ludicrously hard in the final portions of the game. There is a great time to be had in there though and it's found real popularity on YouTube with Let's Players.

That popularity was confirmed by the developer on Twitter, where they showed 459,735 players bought the game for just shy of $5 million. There is a ton more stats on here, including 4 emergency room trips by the dev team while developing the game. Let it never be said the coding isn't a dangerous business.