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Rare Composer Adds To The Speculation That The Developer Is Working On Big, New Game


Rare were once the darlings of the gaming world, especially during the Nintendo 64 era. They were responsible for games like Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Golden Eye and Perfect Dark. After being bought by Microsoft in 2002, they also hit the ball out of the park with Viva Piñata at the beginning of the last generation.

Unfortunately, the company has certainly been caught in a bit of a rut since then. They've been generating a lot of peripheral games like Kinect Sports that just haven't captured the magic that the studio once had.

That was until Phil Spencer got made the Head of Xbox last year, with a new invigorated focus on games. During the console's transition, the Kinect seems to have been pushed to the back, which means that Rare are now working on something 'else.' Spencer himself said after a visit to the studio that the developer was working on something "distinctly Rare", suggesting it might go back to it's recognizable humour and charm.

To add fuel to that fire, Rare composer Robin Beanland recently took to Twitter to say:

I do believe Rare will come to E3 with a new game and I don't think it will be a peripheral focused game. I still think the crystal ball is a little cloudy as to whether it will be a game featuring one of their older characters or start afresh with a new franchise. My gut tells me that it will be a new franchise, mostly because this isn't the same Rare from the 90s. Many people have left the developer meaning to core of what Rare once was might not be reclaimable. They may, however, be able to launch a charming new series.

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