At Least One Reviewer Loved Justice League, And His Name Is Jim Lee

A lot has been said about the negative response to Justice League by critics this opening weekend. The film has a 40% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics panning the movie, but an 85% audience score (the second highest in the DCEU), showing that audiences seemed to really enjoy it. Even still, negative word of mouth at least partially contributed to an underwhelming box office performance, with Justice League scoring the lowest domestic box office opening weekend take of all other DCEU films with just $96 million.

But setting aside financial disappointment, the question must be asked: have we reached a critical point of divergence between the opinions of critics and moviegoers? For DCEU fans who enjoyed Justice League, aren't there any unbiased critics out there they can still trust not to let their hatred for Zack Snyder and his neck-snapping Superman ways influence their scoring of a DCEU movie?

At Least One Reviewer Loved Justice League, And His Name Is Jim Lee

Well, there's one critic out there who has given what DCEU fans can all agree is a totally unbiased review: DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee.

Lee took to Instagram to post his review of the movie, and though it's unfortunately ineligible for inclusion in Rotten Tomatoes' aggregator, it should serve as some small vindication for all the DCEU fans that have been yelling at us in the comments of our articles reporting on Justice League's box office take over the past few days.

"Movie is a ton of fun and draws inspiration from a lot of different #dccomics," wrote Lee before praising the movie's stellar choice of source material. "One of which is the #new52 #justiceleagueorigins storyline!"

Lee also had praise for the movie's cast, saying, "Henry Cavill shines as Superman who smiles and radiates hope and heroism. Ezra Miller as the Flash is scene-stealingly hilarious and makes me want to see Flashpoint stat! Gal Gadot is amazing as one of the founders of the team as Wonder Woman and the scene involving her lasso and Aquaman is the very best. Still cracks me up every time."

No praise for Ben Affleck as Batman, it seems, but that could be because Affleck may be done with the role. Who knows? He could even be headed back to rival Marvel for a Daredevil reboot.

"Like I said, a lot of fun for the whole family and a move in the right direction for the #dceu!" Lee concluded his all-around positive review. "Two scenes during the credits so stay til the very very end!"

So clearly, not all critics hated Justice League. Some, like DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, gave the movie a verifiably unbiased thumbs up.

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