Robert Kirkman Spoiled A Major Walking Dead Season 7 Death At ECCC, Unless He Was Just Joking, Which He Was… Maybe

At his Q&A panel at Emerald City Comic Con, Robert Kirkman complained that bloggers try to take things he says and turn them into click bait articles, referencing this practice several times throughout the panel. Ordinary bloggers might be discouraged by Kirkman's click bait shaming, but not us here at Bleeding Cool. In order to be shamed, that would have to be an emotion we're capable of feeling. Have you ever looked at one of our stories based on a Frank Cho facebook post? Or anything Rich Johnston has ever written?

What we're saying is, we accept your challenge, Kirkman.


During the panel, Kirkman was speaking about what he called the "filler" episodes between the season premieres and season finales of the Walking dead, when he noted that they serve a useful purpose. If the show doesn't take time to build up characters like Eugene, Kirkman said, "then you wouldn't be upset when we kill Eugene later this season."

Realizing he had accidentally blurted out major spoilers on a live streamed comic con panel, Kirkman quickly backtracked.

"It means he's definitely not gonna die!" Kirkman protested, looking nervous as the crowd gasped. "I'd never say that if he's really gonna die."

At one point, Kirkman "joked" that AMC probably had gunmen watching him, but we swear we saw a laser sight focused on him at one point during the panel.

Kirkman quickly moved on from his flub, but later, as the panel was ending, Kirkman let his guard down and spoiled Eugene's upcoming death again. Asked, in the last question, which on-screen death was his favorite, Kirkman replied: "Oh I don't know. Eugene."


Kirkman rushed offstage immediately afterward, clearing realizing he had screwed up twice in the same panel.

Luckily, Bleeding Cool was there, watching, and waiting… to turn it into clickbait.


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