Former WWE Superstar Ryback Explains How To Game The WWE Network Free Trial System

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has spent his time since leaving the company mostly talking trash about it and the wrestlers that still work there. Ryback especially has it in for former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, who Ryback claimed was on steroids based on a thorough analysis of his "tits." He also had some unkind words, where "unkind" is here defined as "totally sexist," for WWE's female superstars, recently saying that they need to dress sexier and can't wrestle as well as men. He's also not a fan of the entire country of India. But now Ryback is taking his vendetta even further, explaining to fans on his podcast (via 411 Wrestling) how to get the WWE Network for free. One way is really easy, but only works if you're a current or former WWE Superstar.

Ryback on WWE

The Big Guy explained:

"I have the WWE Network. It's $9.99 a month. I don't pay for it; they give out this free subscription for all the talent when they were there. I've asked for them to revoke it but they won't. I never asked them personally, like calling [Head of Talent Relations] Mark Carrano and personally asked him or anything, but I was talking to my buddy and we were talking about WWE and how they are a publicly traded company. We were going over their numbers and the WWE says that they have wanted to get in the 3 million range, but they've been stuck on 1.3, 1.4 subscription range."

But for those of us who aren't current or former pro wrestlers, Ryback says there's another way to subscribe to the network for free:

"Here's the thing: I want them to succeed because I have a lot of friends that work there. I am doing fine, I'm doing great without them, but they have major flaws in their system where they do the free month.

If you sign up by entering your email address you get a free month, but part of the problem is that they sign up with an email, get the free month and then cancel when they don't pay, and then afterwards they will enter a new email and get a free subscription again by creating a new email. It isn't hard at all to do and get another free month. They are f***ing themselves over by not having a better system in place that prevents this when remembering credit card information or names."

So there you have it. According to Ryback, if you want to keep getting the WWE Network for free, instead of paying for it, just keep signing up for free trials with different email addresses.

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