See Stan Lee's Latest Cameo In Gary Goldman's Zootopia Lawsuit Against Disney


Is there anything Stan Lee won't make a cameo appearance in?! Bleeding Cool has reported on Lee's various extra-curricular activities as of late, which have included an appearance in the safety video of a Hong Kong Disneyland theme park ride and an appearance in a Honda CRV Super Bowl commercial. But Stan Lee's newest and most exciting cameo appearance may be in the lawsuit recently filed against Disney for the movie Zootopia, in which the plaintiff, Gary Goldman, points out that Lee once called him his "favorite writer."

In the thirty-seven page court document, which alleges that Disney copied the idea for the Oscar winning film from Goldman, Lee makes his cameo appearance on page nine. Take a look:

Goldman also has long worked with the industry's top studios. He even has worked with Defendants. In 2007, Walt Disney Pictures hired Goldman to write a screenplay for a project known as Blaze, created by Marvel comic-book writer Stan Lee. Walt Disney Pictures executive Brigham Taylor oversaw the project. Goldman worked closely with Taylor and Lee. Both liked Goldman's work: Taylor commissioned additional work, and Lee wrote Goldman, "You're now my favorite writer!"

Truly a memorable Stan Lee cameo! Read more details on the lawsuit here.

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