Shane McMahon Unleashes Hell On Kevin Owens

Last night's SmackDown was going to open with a women's title match, but then Kevin Owens came out, insisting that he was going to be the ref for the match. This didn't get very far, since Shane McMahon came out to put a stop to things. What started out as a simple conversation turned into Owens telling McMahon some pretty harsh things, so whoever wrote this segment got deep.

Owens crossed a harsh line near the end, telling McMahon he should have died in that helicopter crash. Even I winced at that line. While it was written like that for that specific reaction, there are some things that are just uncomfortable to hear. Good on Owens for delivering it so well, and for McMahon delivering a classic WWE beat down.

After the fact we see Owens talking to Daniel Bryan. Owens is going on and on about suing everyone there, and even filing a police report. This Ownes/McMahon bit is great, and I'm loving every dramatic minute of it.

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