The Six Important Moments From This Week's The Flash

Here there be spoilers if you missed this week's Flash episode.

Last night's episode of The Flash had six moments unrelated to the episodes main story that will come back to be big as the series goes on. Which means that introducing Peek-A-Boo to the rogues gallery was the seventh most interesting thing in the episode. Eighth if you count Caitlin Snow thinking Barry Allen deserves to see her naked after all the good he's done.

1) The first photo of the Flash hits newspapers thanks to Iris West. The Flash stops by to give her something about Clay Parker's escape. She is able to capture a remarkably clear photo of him just as he is taking off. This and the fact the public is recognizing him by name will help build his public persona as a hero that has always been part of the character's mythos.

2) The awkward drunken night at the karaoke bar introduces us to Linda Park, but it also takes Barry out of the malaise he pops into whenever the Iris subplot comes around. He is a figure who has gone through tragedy but keeps his spirits up and looking forward… a beacon of hope in the DC universe. Seeing him have some fun will be a good thing for the character and for the tone of the show.

3) This show could also be called "My Three Dads" as Barry has Harrison Wells, Joe West and Henry Allen as different father figures in his life. The relationship between Barry and Joe has been a highlight of the series as the two actors play off of each other well. The relationship between Harrison and Barry has been one of mentor ship but also deception. The relationship with his true father has had some touching moments so far but got ramped up quite a bit with Henry helping the police and his figuring out his son is the Flash. Plus, how often do we see intelligent characters not see the obvious when it comes to costumed heroes? Gordon and Batman? Lois and Superman? Its nice that Henry figured it out and was able to acknowledge what his son is doing.

4) We're inching ever closer to Firestorm as, thanks to Hartley Rathaway, we know how the two characters get merged together. Partly the experiment of Doctor / Professor Stein and partly the particle accelerator accident having blown Ronnie Raymond to bits.

5) More interesting from that scene is how when Piper tries to escape, Cisco Ramon uses vibrations to stop him. I think this is more than a nod to Cisco's comic book persona of Vibe, but rather the first part of his origin. In allowing Piper to escape, this is the second villain Cisco has unleashed onto Central City… I wonder if he also created Heat Wave's gun along with Captain Cold's? So I can see this leading Cisco to create a wearable vibration device to stop Piper or any other villain… which will eventually lead him to a costume.

6) And the big moment takes place in a short scene in the sewers… as we get to see the writing on the wall, literally, and it says Grodd. And if that was too subtle, then the gorilla killed two city workers.


For the first season of a new show, this series has a whole lot of slow building plot lines going while we are getting new rogues all the time. Makes me wonder what they are saving for season 2.

And here we get the promo for next week as we get closer to Firestorm.


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