NYCC Spotlight On Peter Davison

NYCC Spotlight On Peter DavisonSkip Wilson wrote for Bleeding Cool from NYCC;

Anyone who's familiar with pre-relaunch Dr. Who, they recognize Tom Baker as the face of the franchise. If you're a more hardcore fan like I am, however, you are very likely a fan of his successor Peter Davison. He was a breath of fresh air who never managed to be eclipsed by the daunting shadow of such an iconic figure. I do and will always have a special love for Baker's Fourth Doctor, but Davison was the fanboy's Doctor. He was the first Doctor to have grown up watching the series, and remains a fan to this day. He was witty and eccentric without being all too silly and his adventures often went to much darker places.

For those reasons it was not a surprise that his spotlight panel was packed, wall to wall, with Whovians of all ages. He had no new announcements, no spoilers about the upcoming 50th anniversary "Who" plans, but was he did have was a hell of a lot of love, both given and received. It was a solid hour of reminiscing and reflecting, and that seemed ok with everyone.

My personal favorite anecdote came when Davison was asked about the length of his tenure as the Doctor. Tom Baker had just gotten done with an epic and unprecedented run as our favorite Timelord, yet Davison elected to appear for only three season. The reason? Early on during his reign he ran into Second Doctor Patrick Troughton when driving into the BBC parking facility. Troughton was working on another project but was turned away by lot security, not being seen as an important enough figure to be given a priority spot. Davison, being the current Doctor, was ushered in. When asked about the incident Troughton advised Peter to "do three years and get out", because it may be very difficult to get work after Doctor Who. "It's a risky thing, Playing the Doctor for too long", he said. But it's obvious you can be a fan for life.

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