Stan Lee's God Woke Wins Best Animated Film At The IFS Film Festival 2017

facebook_event_1066490623417003Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival 2017 has announced that Stan Lee's God Woke is its Best Animated Film. Based in LA, the festival features more than 180 new films.

Directed by Gary Laird, written by Stan Lee & adapted by Fabian Nicieza, Stan's story about humanity's search for meaning, and a God's own search for the same has been adapted into the digital format, Cinematic Graphic NovelsTM.

Cinematic Graphic NovelsTM are a unique new form of digital comics produced by LNL Partners: animation plus a music soundtrack, sound effects and word- balloons. More dynamic than standard digital comics and far truer than voiceover "motion comics" to what readers love about the form, CGNs are a reading experience, where your mind gives voice to characters and your brain engages more strongly than with passive viewing.

IFS Film Festival main programming will be at Pacific Theatres at The Grove Stadium 14, as well as at Beverly Hills Music Hall Cinema and at venues to be announced, running from May 3–14, 2017.

You can watch Stan talk about the film and the adaptation process here.

And you can hear the original poem here.


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