There Was A Star Wars Opening Crawl Originally In Rogue One


There has been a lot written about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story not having an opening crawl. It was the first in the series to never feature it, and word recently was that it 'never' had one.

Well, that is not entirely true it seems. Speaking on the Empire Podcast, director Gareth Edwards mentioned that the film actually did have one until a few months before production kicked off.

The first screenplay that Gary Whitta wrote had a crawl in it… And then at some point, probably like six months before we were filming, we were in a meeting, and they talked about not having an opening crawl, because these are standalone films, not part of the sagas. And if I'm honest, there was an initial kind of like, "what? I want the crawl!" The opening sequence is kind of the crawl of our movie. It's like the setup. Our film is also born out of a crawl – the reason we exist is because of a previous crawl, so it feels like this infinite loop that will never end. It's a small thing to give up to get to do Star Wars.

You know, I like the idea of crawls spawning movies backward continually. You could really go back forever and ever.

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