Stay Alive Director Shows Interest in Returning to the Film's Concept

The early '00s was an eclectic, phenomenally bizarre time for horror films, where genre fans developed an appreciation for these unique titles — but some were met with mixed to negative reception by critics and or general audiences.

It was also a different time where many horror films were geared towards a teen-friendly PG-13 rating, another topic that is debated by modern audiences (Black Christmas, anyone?) While some of them had a difficult time being in between two different worlds, the 2006 film Stay Alive was one that was arguably ahead of its time. The immersive video game and horror movie hybrid felt like a very niche film at the time, with the potential to capitalize on an increasingly popular market.

However, back in 2006, Stay Alive only managed to earn a moderate $27 million considering the $20 million dollar price tag attached. Regardless, it has garnered respect over time. The film's director William Brent Bell recently explained that the film's support over the years hasn't gone unnoticed — with hopes to return to the film's specified concept. Bell tells Bloody Disgusting's Boo Crew Podcast, "People just have a warm spot for this movie. We all knew… [Stay Alive was] ahead of its time. The studios didn't understand the video game aspect; they didn't understand the importance of it. And how it can play as a story element; it didn't just have to be window dressing as far as a sequel goes, absolutely. We've been talking about that for a while."

Stay Alive Director Shows Interest in Returning to the Film's Concept
Stay Alive Poster – 2006

The director added, "Five-ten years ago, it would've been on the curve, ya know, riding the curve. Now we'd be behind the curve if we just did a straight video game. But AI and augmented reality… that kind of stuff is blending a video game and reality for real. So yeah, we definitely want to bring that sequel to life. And it's a priority."

I don't think there was ever a single moment where I expected that a Stay Alive sequel was a feasible option, but I also can't say that I'd have any complaints whatsoever! Are you interested in a Stay Alive reboot or sequel film?

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