The Super Awesome Reason Brad Pitt Won't Be Cable In 'Deadpool 2' Will Amaze You!


Scheduling. It's scheduling conflicts.


Sometimes things just don't work out as much as we might want them to. Deadpool 2 director David Leitch confirmed to that despite the fact that concept art of him as Cable had leaked Brad Pitt was no longer in the running for the role.

"We had a great meeting with Brad, he was incredibly interested in the property. Things didn't work out schedule-wise. He's a fan, and we love him, and I think he would've made an amazing Cable."

The shortlist still contains some amazing names and Leitch also spoke to JoBlo at CinemaCon about Michael Shannon's odds at getting the role as well.

"You know, I think, Michael Shannon, that name speaks for itself, he's an incredible actor and he can accomplish anything. Yeah, I'm passionate about him as an actor and, look, he would make an incredible Cable. If that happens, I would be through the roof that I get to work with another incredible actor. I can't say that it's going to happen, because we're looking – the list is what the list is. But, yeah, I have nothing but great things to say about him and I'm a huge, huge fan."

So, basically, Pitt is out because of scheduling reasons, Shannon is a maybe, and we still have no idea who is going to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 will be released in 2018.

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