Teaser Trailer For Cars 3 Sets A Far Darker Tone


Disney / Pixar today dropped the first official teaser trailer for next Summer's release of Cars 3, and it's definitely got a different vibe of any other Cars trailer that we've seen in the past. The guess would be that it's just setting up the basic idea of what might happen in the story, but then the actual film will handle it along the lines of the light-hearted fare we're used to in the series. For NASCAR fans, seeing the image of Lightning McQueen in an uncontrolled crashing roll would probably have the same impact as the opening sequence in Up! (emotions and tears). While Pixar has long been good at playing with the heartstrings, we're not sure if they're up to a film with this level of grit. 

Give the trailer a viewing, then what do you think? Will they go with tragedy and ultra-realism, or is this all throwaway footage just meant to get us ready for McQueen back on the racing circuit once again?


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