Terry Moore's Strangers In Paradise Headed To Film With Professor Marston And The Wonder Women Director

Jude Terror is hard at work scouring Twitter for comments from comic book pros to take out of context and turn into clickbait articles when, suddenly, the screech of tires draws his attention to the street outside his home. Jude opens the door cautiously to see Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston stepping out of a tiny British automobile, tracks of flame burning behind it in the street.

Rich: Pip pip, Jude! You've got to come back with me!

Jude: Is it my kids twenty years in the future?

Rich: No! I didn't come from the future. I came from the past. September, 2017.

Jude (looking him over): Seriously? Damn, dude, you've got to take better care of yourself.

Rich: This is no time for jokes! We've got a serious problem on our hands. Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise is being made into a movie! And we didn't cover it!

Jude: You're saying you want me to cover a month-old story that we missed? You could have just told me this over Slack.

Rich: Moore has teamed up with Angela Robinson, the filmmaker behind Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, to bring his Eisner Award-winning comic to life on the big screen. And it's gonna be a big deal, especially because Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is sure to be a huge hit when it's released in October, one which is thoroughly appreciated by Martson's surviving family.

Jude: Uh… I don't know to break this to you, but–

Rich (digging through Jude's trash bins): Strangers in Paradise is a story about a love triangle between characters Katchoo, Francine, and David, as well as the mystery behind Katchoo's past as an underage lesbian prostitute and a shadowy international crime syndicate.

Jude: Yeah, I know that.

Rich: You have to publish this article immediately, Jude! The future of Bleeding Cool's pageview count may depend on it!

Jude: Wait, why did you travel here from the past to tell me to write this? Why didn't you just write the story back then yourself?

Rich (takes a bite out of a week-old ham sandwich, then shoves it into a tube on his car labeled "Mr. Fusion"): No time to explain! I've got to return to the past!

Jude: Alright, see you later.

Rich (pulling away): Whatever you do, don't forget to write this story! Pip pip!

Jude: Sure, I won't forget. I'm a professional.

The car reaches 88 kilometers per hour, which is really not all that fast, and vanishes, leaving behind another trail of flaming tracks. Jude promptly goes back inside and take a nap, completely forgetting about the story. The story of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise being made into a film by Moore and Angela Robinson, which originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter on September 13, 2017, is never published. As a result, Bleeding Cool is bought out by CBR in 2036, dooming the world to a future of endless horny listicles about comic book character's sex lives with no one left to cover Frank Cho's edgy Facebook posts.

Terry Moore's Strangers In Paradise Headed To Film With Professor Marston And The Wonder Women Director

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