Teyonah Parris On Monica Rambeau's Return in The Marvels

After the massive popularity surge for Marvel and Disney's WandaVision, there was pretty much an immediate question mark over where a few of the characters would go next.

Obviously, we know that Wanda (who now operates as the Scarlet Witch) will next make an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is hinted at towards the end of the series. Others like the newly confused Vision and Darcy left with no mention, but there was a slight set-up for where the new, crucial hero Monica Rambeau will be going in the near future. Fan-favorite and breakout star Teyonah Parris discreetly debuted in the MCU role, becoming a superhero the not only expanded representation in the MCU but could evolve into one of the strongest characters of the Marvel films.

In a recent feature published at Variety, Parris coyly discussed her excitement (and the importance it has) for her return in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel (titled The Marvels). She shares, "First of all; I'm just such a fan of her as a human. Then you have her visual, very artistic eye on how a film feels with her. With Monica, we've established who she is in WandaVision, and in The Marvels, we have an opportunity to further understand who this woman is. Having a woman of color at the helm of furthering this story of one of the few super-powered female, African American beings, I think it's really special."

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Monica Rambeau. Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans who are also anxious to see more about the fallout between Rambeau and Captain Marvel will be addressed as well in the film, with the actor hinting, "Little Monica had a relationship with Carol Danvers, and we'll get to see what happens with that relationship, and how or if, it brings them to the present."

The Marvels is currently scheduled for a Nov. 11, 2022 release date.

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