The New Mutants: Blu Hunt Talks About the "Invisible Support" of Fans

It's always hard for everyone involved with a project to see it repeatedly delayed, but for The New Mutants and Blu Hunt, it was another level of, well, irritating. The "will it/won't it" nature of the business and the fact that this troubled production is so public it's very hard to avoid. The movie is finally out this weekend and is looking to bring in a modest $8 million, but it's during a pandemic, so it's not terrible but not great either. Bleeding Cool got the chance to talk to Hunt about finally closing this chapter of her life and the support from fans since the day the first teaser dropped.

Bleeding Cool: It must be really kind of surreal that the movie is finally coming out this so this weekend. Can you talk a little bit about the journey for you as an actor to go from production nearly three years ago to finally seeing that the tickets are on sale? It's coming out this weekend. 

Blu Hunt: You said it, right. It's surreal. It's so surreal. And I finally feel like a really huge chapter of my life gets to finally close. Which and I want it to you… you know what I mean?  I just feel like I haven't been able to let go of it. Everything I've done in the past three years… this has been in me.  I have a huge movie that I believe is going to come out. But actually, I don't know, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. What's my career going to be like? Every single year I have to reevaluate my life. But on the flip side of that, I think I've got time to grow as an actor. If the movie had come out right after I made it, I think I would have still been overwhelmed.  And now I'm not overwhelmed at all; I'm much more relaxed. So that's nice. 

The New Mutants: Blu Hunt Talks About the "Invisible Support" of Fans
Blu Hunt in The New Mutants (2020). Credit: © 20th Century Fox/20th Century Studios/Disney

BC: This is the second time I've had to do a junket where a movie has become very relevant in the time that it has been filmed. So this is a movie about being trapped in a place, and we're all trapped in our homes. Do you want to talk about that a bit? 

BH: You know, that's the thing that's weird about it — coming out, getting pushed for three years — is that there is no better time for it to come out, until now. I think it's going to be more relevant now than it would have been three years ago. I see people are more excited; it's got this crazy story attached to it. And then when people watch it, they're gonna be like, "oh my God, this is exactly what quarantine feels like." All these characters really going totally crazy. And they're all reacting differently. You've kind of given up hope. They're very like just watching the same reruns of the same shows and like running around in circles, basically, like finding things to do to occupy their time, which is what we're all doing. And we really need a new fun movie to see. 

BC: So what has it been like to have three years' worth of build-up in terms of fan reaction? Because the one thing that's always fascinated me about this movie is that there's been a positive fan reaction, and people were so excited when that first teaser came out. What has it been like for you to see this ongoing fan reaction to it just for three years and people going, when is this movie coming out? We want to see it."

BH: It's crazy to me. It's so cool that people have been excited about it for that long. It's honestly made me feel better about it. It's like, are people going to forget about this movie? But nobody did. It's cool that people could just be lighthearted about it too. There are so many bigger things going on in the world. It's a movie and movies should be fun and films should be an escape. It was such a serious thing in my life, having to deal with that weight on a personal level. So to know that there were still people who cared and were excited was like it was like some invisible support.

Summary: Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Alice Braga, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga. It's in theaters now.

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