Trump Presidency Propels Stephen Colbert To Q1 Viewership Victory Over Jimmy Fallon


Donald Trump's presidency may be little rough for people who enjoy entering the country if they are Muslim, being female, or having a high level of confidence that our government is not secretly controlled by Vladimir Putin, but on the bright side, it's pretty good for ratings. Just ask Stephen Colbert, whose Late Show beat rival Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in average viewers for Q1 of 2017. According to a report from Variety, The Late Show outdrew The Tonight Show by an average rate of 3.29 million viewers to 3.02 viewers, marking the first time CBS has defeated NBC in the slot during the first quarter since 2010. Colbert's success is likely driven by interest in his famed political humor in the climate of Trump's presidency, which admittedly offers a nonstop supply of subject material for jokes. However, despite the uptick, Colbert was still defeated by Fallon in the crucial 18-49 demographic, scoring a .8 to Fallon's 1.0.

At press time, former National Security chief Michael Flynn, who resigned after it was revealed that he lied about meeting with Russian diplomats, is negotiating with officials for immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying in the ongoing investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents hoping to sabotage the recent presidential election, a totally hilarious situation that will likely result in continued ratings success for CBS as well as cable news network for as long as TV service persists as the country descends into chaos. We'll keep you posted.

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