[Video] Hot Takes – Batman V Superman: Why The Martha Scene Works

I'd been meaning to start a video series for a little while now. So in the quieter days after SDCC, I decided to try and throw together a first episode for a show that would let me spend time doing a couple video essays. Out of that brain storm has come Hot Takes, where I will be doing dives on all kinds of topics in the pop culture.

To kick us off, I thought I'd take on something that everyone definitely agrees on (right?). My opinions on Batman v Superman have been quite well documented, and I've championed the movie as being smarter than it might first appear (often to some degree of ridicule by at least someone). This specific issue had been eating at me for a little while though: the Martha scene. I've seen a lot of people sell the scene's narrative work short, so I decided to look at it in a couple of ways to try and point out why I think it comes together.

The intent here isn't to try and point out anyone as wrong here either, but merely to point out why it worked for me to start discussion.

Give the video a watch here (Oh, and Major spoiler warnings for Batman v Superman, obviously):

While there is no schedule for the series yet, I'll be sure to be back soon and do you guys another.

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